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Income Tax Preparation Services

Claim Your Tax Benefits

For all your taxation needs, trust only Xpress Refunds Group in Norcross, Georgia. We provide a variety of financial services including:

  • Health Insurance
  • Tax Preparation
  • Refund Anticipation Loans

Who Qualifies for Tax Benefits?

Individuals who worked full-time or half-time in 2021, had one or more children living with them and earned less than $53,505 that year could qualify. This also includes married individuals who are filing jointly and have earned less than $14,800/$20,430 but do not have children living with them.

If you satisfy these qualifications, you could have earned income credit as much as $6,557 for 3 or more qualifying children or more waiting for you! File a tax return today to claim the benefits you've earned.

Tax Refund Options

We have a variety of refund options to choose from. Select the one most convenient for you:

  • Advance Easy Loans: $500 - $9000
  • Refund Transfer
  • Meta Bank Prepaid Debit Card: Issued by Our Office With Your Refund Deposited Onto It
  • Direct Deposit: Refund Deposited Directly Into Your Bank Account of Choice
  • Paper Check: Printed in the Nearest Office Location

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